Rose Gibbs

Mother, Grandmother, Motivational Speaker, Teacher of Wisdom, Poet, Writer, Effective Leader, and Gourmet Cook, Hi, I’m Rose. 

As a Sensationally Seasoned woman, like you, I wear many hats, slip into many pairs of shoes, and fulfill many roles in this walk of life. Other experiences this journey has been acquainted with include  completing 38 years in the service industry as a Flight Attendant with a Global Airline, proven leadership in areas of Customer Service and team building with a training track record of accuracy and attention to detail, while demonstrating invaluable interpersonal skills.

My passion for leading and inspiring others to excel have earned awards and recognition from:

  • Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (Certificate for Outstanding Leadership) Midlan, Texas 
  • Academic Excellence- National Beta Club Honor Society
  • Selected Attendee- Peter Loew’s Success
  • Delta Airlines Certificate of Achievement (Instructor/Evaluator) 
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer Services (Martha K. Glaze Youth Detention Center, State of Georgia)

Through these experiences, my greatest desires  are to inspire, motivate, and elevate you to start life strong and learn to enjoy the journey!

This blog will speak to you with a voice of encouragement which will help you to recognize that “Sensational “ is the result of the journey and being “Seasoned“ is the process of time. 

I will use the “Anatomy of a Flight “ to bring clarity to each area of life.You will be familiarized with certain phrases that will parallel different aspects of – JOURNEY! So, “Fasten Your Seatbelts” and prepare for takeoff!