Preflight Briefing

PURPOSE- the reason which something is done or created or for which something exists

Preflight Briefing is a term used for flight preparation of airline crews. There are many things that must be considered in order to have a successful flight. The purpose of the Preflight Briefing is to ensure that the flight operates efficiently and everyone is aware of each specific responsibility that determines a safe and uneventful experience to reach the appointed destination. Preparation is an ever evolving lifelong process that leads us to our purpose. Every experience has within itself a seed that develops from one stage to the next, landing us in the exact place we were purposed to be.

I never imagined that in my young, very young, years, my adventuresome spirit and love for people would actually cause me to travel to places I could only dream about. Intertwined in that desire, was a destiny that has been designed to expose who I really am and why I exist.

Ask yourself now, “WHY AM I HERE?

Many times we are led to believe that we must be accomplished in certain areas of society to have a meaningful existence without understanding the realm of PURPOSEFUL EXISTENCE. Anything we are passionate about is the foundation of why we are here.

Today you may have greeted someone with a lovely smile and you had no idea that no one smiled at that person for quite a long time. As a child perhaps you were the one who always encouraged others. You were created for that person on that day who needed a pleasant gesture. I know this is seriously basic example, but we have to understand that even our smallest efforts that are sometimes overlooked have great consequences as we travel through life.

Whatever you are experiencing or have experienced, is a pathway that leads to fulfillment of your destination. This is a vital part of the journey-embracing each day as preparation time that exposes the essence of you.

In my next blog, we will continue to understand PURPOSE and how POTENTIAL is a blueprint that allows us to embrace each stage of living life.