Aircraft Fleets

Potential Meets Purpose

By now you should have pondered intently on the question, “WHY AM I HERE”?

I’ve talked with many people, some much younger and some much older who have never considered the aforementioned phrase. The most common answer is, “I DON’T KNOW” The good news is that by the fact that we still exist assures us of this one thing-it’s not too late to discover our PURPOSE for being!

During my career, I became familiar with over one hundred types of aircraft. I realized that each model was equipped to navigate specific journeys at different rates of speed, altitudes and attitudes. However,they all had one single PURPOSE, which was to transport passengers from point A to point B.

I quickly learned from the cockpit crew that the position of the jetliner is referred to as “attitude” and how high or low the aircraft flies is referred to as altitude, which is determined by its position.

We have been equipped by God with with gifts and talents to maneuver on our journey to fulfill HIS PURPOSE for our lives. Some of us have been gifted differently than others, but our design gives us the capability to reach the intended destination at the set time.

The thought process (attitude) we possess will determine the quality of our journey. The expression, “have a good attitude”, can be somewhat misleading. Consider this: assume a correct attitude or position that will elevate not lower your ascent to discover PURPOSE.

Airliners will encounter obstacles along the flight path such as other aircraft traveling the same route, turbulence, etc. and must make adjustments to continue to their destination. We must make adjustments in pursuit of PURPOSE. The journey is challenging but necessary to achieve the assignment.

Maya Angelou said: ” If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude.” I’d like to say, take a different position!

Each jet in an airline fleet requires different amounts of fuel to operate efficiently and effectively and we are similar in that the level of OUR (not anyone else’s) potential, is an essential component that propels us upward and outward – it reaches up to God and out to the world.

POTENTIAL MEETS PURPOSE when we ACCEPT that we are fueled by what God put in us at every stage of life and become totally conscious that TODAY is our starting point!!